Dark laboratory showing a Type C Goniophotomter used for measuring LED luminaires
  • Goniophotometry (Candela per angle)
  • Goniospectroradiometry (Spectral content per angle)
  • Zonal Lumen Sums
  • Spacing Criteria
  • Polar Plot of Candela
  • IsoIlluminance/Isocandela Plots
  • UGR Table (read more on our blog here)
Photometric Laboratory with 2 meter integrating sphere partially open
  • Spectral Power Distribution (SPD)
  • Chromaticity Plots (x,y u’,v’)
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • Distance from the Blackbody Curve (Duv)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) (Ra)
  • TM-30 metrics (Rf, Rg)
  • SPDX files (read more on our blog here)
Lab technician measuring a UV-C luminaire for distribution and spectral quantities

Radiometric Measurements

Technician working in front of an oscilloscope and integrating sphere test bench

Other Measurements and Services

  • In-Situ Temperature Measurements
  • L70 Projection Calculations (per TM-21)
  • Electrical Characteristics Measurements
  • Melanopic Content Measurements
  • ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Flashlight Testing
  • Horticulture Luminaire Testing (Read more on our blog here)
  • Temporal Light Artifacts (Flicker) Measurements (Read more on our blog here)
  • Lamp and Luminaire Dimming Measurements
  • Tunable Source and Luminaire Measurements
  • Angular Uniformity of Color Measurements
  • Lamp and Luminaire Start-Time Measurements
  • Audible Noise Measurements
  • Application Design Layouts