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California Energy Commission Title 24 Testing

Let us make listing your products with the CEC a breeze!

DesignLights Consortium Testing

Let us take care of all of your DLC testing needs!

R&D Testing

IES files, SPDX files, and customized research testing, we can help get your product to market

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CEC Title 24 Testing

We are a NVLAP (Lab Code: 201079-0) ISO17025 accredited laboratory and an approved laboratory to perform the testing needed for California Energy Commission and DesignLights Consortium programs.

How can we help list your products?

Product Verification & Quality Assurance

Verify the product claims from your overseas manufacturer, enhance your internal quality control, or simply verify you are providing the best quality product to your customers. Let us develop a custom testing protocol designed around your specific products.

How can we help verify your products?

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How can we help you with your product development?

R&D Testing

Our accredited photometric testing laboratory is capable of performing your research and development testing. From lumen output measurements to custom distribution exploration, spectral analysis, and electrical studies, we’ve got you covered.


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GUV Measurements – From the Lab to the Field

Want to read more about UV-C measurements? LightLab International Allentown, LLC’s CTO, Mike Grather recently wrote an article for the Illuminating Engineering Society’s FIRES forum discussing the measurement of GUV products

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