LightLab Welcomes Randy Bergin to the Team!

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LightLab International
Allentown, LLC


Randy Bergin

LightLab International Allentown, LLC is excited to welcome its new Senior Engineer, Randy Bergin. Many of you may already know Randy through his lengthy tenure as Senior Lighting Engineer at Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL), his involvement in the IES Testing Procedures Committee (TPC), or his many other contributions to the lighting testing industry.
Randy brings 30+ years of experience in the areas of photometric and spectroradiometric testing of luminaires and light sources and its application within the lighting industry. You can reach Randy at extension 103 or by email at

LightLab International Allentown, LLC is an independent photometric and radiometric testing laboratory that provides testing services for the lighting industry. Typical applications include general illumination, horticultural lighting, and Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV). The lab is ISO-accredited and is a recognized testing laboratory for energy efficiency certification and listing programs including the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) programs. The highly experienced and knowledgeable staff is focused on providing the kind of personalized testing that the larger laboratories aren’t capable of.

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