New Indoor Test Report Format

By admin

LightLab International Allentown is pleased to announce the release of a new indoor test report format. The new, easy to read format is designed with many of today’s energy specifications in mind, such as DLC and California’s Title 24.

Polar Plots of Candela Values Color coded and shaded plots visually show candela distribution information. Expanded zonal lumen summary tables are helpful for quickly identifying key metrics for DLC and other applications.

Isoilluminance Plots All indoor test reports with light in the lower hemisphere will now contain an isoilluminance plot. Isoilluminance plots are available as either isofootcandle or isolux plots. Custom mounting heights are available upon request.

Quick Select Tools Page A quick select tools page helps a lighting designer quickly select the number of luminaires and ideal spacing for any type of application. These tables are ideal for use in marketing and sales materials.

Enhanced Digital Format Test reports are optimized for digital downloading, viewing, printing, and sharing. Graphics are designed to stay sharp and clear regardless of zoom or viewing platform.