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With over 40 years of combined experience in photometry and testing, our staff is committed to helping our customers to achieve their goals with a focus on quality, integrity, and service. The testing equipment used for measurements was selected carefully for accuracy and customization. We use a LightLab International Type-C goniometer with photometer and spectroradiometer measurement capabilities. This highly accurate instrument is capable of measuring the color and intensity of light emitted in all directions from a lamp or luminaire. Test angles can be selected in custom Group of three colleagues, one man on a cell phone and two womenincrements to fit the testing needs of all types of customers. Color Quality Testing is performed using either our Labsphere 2m integrating sphere or our LightLab gonio-spectroradiometer.

More Than Just Accredited Testing…..

Although we have a broad scope of accreditation, we are focused on providing the kind of personalized testing that the larger laboratories aren’t capable of. In addition to our commitment to individualized service, we also bring the integrity and experience of a highly knowledgeable staff to our services.

Our Team

Mike Grather

With over 25 years of experience in photometric testing, Mike is internationally recognized as an expert in the field of photometry. He is the former president/owner of Luminaire Testing Laboratory, and has been an active member in various standards committees, including the IES Testing Procedures Committee and the Council for Optical and Radiation Measurement (CORM). His extensive technical knowledge provides a solid foundation for the quality and integrity of the laboratory.

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Tracy Silvert

Recognizing the need for better customer service, readily available information, and efficient processes, Tracy’s focus has been on developing systems and procedures that enhance the overall customer experience. Her 21 years of service in all aspects of the photometric testing laboratory help to provide customers with a smooth and efficient transaction.

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Todd Heiland

Todd’s 11 years of experience in the photometric testing laboratory and his drive for excellence ensure that your testing is performed with the utmost in care. He makes it a point of pride to ensure that every test the lab performs meets or exceeds the highest quality standards.

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LightLab International Allentown, LLC

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